Review of Lindley-Presho Old Home Day

Intended to post something sooner,but think there is an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that goes something like -"The Faster I go -the Behinder I get" That's a little bit how I feel -trying to keep ahead of Old Man Frost before he claims my garden and flowers.

Old Home Day was a great day-with wonderful weather, good attendance and financially profitable for the Church and the fund raiser for the second bench for the Town Hall lawn and hopefully a maintenance flower/tree, etc fund. It has been suggested that with the monument and benches that this could become a Memorial Park not only for the Veterans, but for remembering other local citizens. Old Rt.15 will be a thing of the past in a couple years and the river and hills in the distance present a wonderful scene.
Lots of thanks to all those who came, to those who volunteered-to those who set up and dismantled the tents., to those who donated items to the raffle/mini auction (Some of these were extraordinary donations ), to those who purchased items ( Thanks for your generous bids) and the people who took time to set up displays (Paul Mortzheim -old tools,John Fee,Henry Offermann-blacksmiths, Jim Lundgren-Indian Artifacts, Harry Pierce -1857 map And let's not forget the cooks and Presho Church members !! Special recognition to Dennis and Delores Smith for hosting Open House at State Line Camping and for loaning the huge tent. Also to the Fire Department drivers who gave up their Saturday to bring the trucks and then were up Sunday AM for a training class. Thanks -you are appreciated for all your volunteer time and efforts to protect us.
Thanks to Jack and Shirley Smith,Donna P. Marmuscak and Dan Pierce who held down the Raffle/auction tent . Who will ever forget Dick Pierce as auctioneer?
Thanks to Dennis Abbey for the great photo coverage , to Martha (Welty) Harder -clown and her balloons-face painting and to Eric Orr for the public address system.
Thanks to the" Schemers"--Sally Orr,Brenda Criss,Brad Drake ( who also furnished the hayless hayride, Fran and Fran(Tempel) Woodring,Jim and Sandy Lundgren,Karen and Dave Ballard,Dennis and Delores,Jack and Shirley Smith and others that we don't know about who provided the surprise of the day. You will always be remembered by Dick and I and our family for your efforts . The roses were lovely and we will treasure the award. Thank you.
Just know there is someone I forgot,so a thank you to all who made this a wonderful day of fun abnd memories
Thank you to the Hawbaker Comapany for the donation to help cover any costs for the day.
Thank you all again - Tonight at Historical Society meeting at the Town Hall -7 p.M.- we will live some of those memories again.
Kitty & Dick Pierce

Will try to post more pictures -another day


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