1898 Bridge Sign

Thank you to the generous unknown donor for the flowers on the sign on the overlook on the Tioga River by the Co.Rt.73 Bridge in Lindley . In case you missed the posting of the previous article on the blog , Steuben County and Town of Lindley were recently presented with award plaques for the design of the bridge which opened last October. Lindley's plaque is on display in the Town Hall.
We have been given permission by the County to add an Interpretive sign board to the sign post. When finished the additional sign will explain the history behind the 1898 plaque and will include some of the history of former bridges which were located here-and hopefully other bits of the Tioga River history. .
There is public parking by the sign so that visitors can enjoy the view of the river -which is unusual in that it originates near Blossburg, Pennsylvania and flows North into New York State .From Corning,NY , it winds its way east to Waverly,NY via the Chemung River where it joins the Susquehanna River and ends in the Chesapeake Bay on the east coast .
There are many stories connected to the river-one being , this was the route used by the Lindsley group to move over 200 miles from New Jersey to the present town of Lindley in 1790.
If only the River could tell its stories.


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