I 99 construction from hill above Green Shingles Inn

These are views from what used to be the Clarence/Pauline Brant and Toby cow pastures in the summer. The underpasses to drive cows under Rt.15 have been obliterated!!!! What a challenge(----) that used to be!!!! One stubborn bossy would decide to stop half way through and thereby hangs the tail.. The good old days!!!-especially after it rained,,,
Note the top of the tractor trailer looking northeast toward Lindley and Morgan Creek Rd.
The hillside in distance is what was the hill above the" narrows ". I hold my breath as I watch the workers maneuver their equipment up and down the roads they make . More daring than I would ever think of being..Hope they have good brakes !!


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the construction. It interesting to see how the area is changing.


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