Titled "Forty Years Ago"

 I have no idea where I found this newspaper clipping or its age, but it is very old and very yellow. Since it mentions airplanes , I am guessing it was written about 1910.
Nobody swatted a fly.
Nobody wore a wrist watch.
Nobody had appendicitis.
Nobody knew about radios.
Most young men had" livery bills".  
Farmers came to town for their mail.
Most people read by candle or kerosene light.
The heavens were not full of manbirds.
The hired girl drew $1.50 a week and was happy.
Young men learned trades at $5 a week.
 The butcher " threw in " a chunk of liver.
The merchant " threw in " a pair of suspenders with every suit.
Nobody listened in on the telephone line.
There were no electric meters.
There were no bolshevists, no "isms"
"Equipped with gas" was a prominent line of house -to -let advertisements.
Office folks didn't know about a fan in the summertime and ice water was a treat.
Most folks retired at 9 p.m. and rose at 5 in the morning.  
Times have changed.
Enjoy --Kitty


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