A Short History of the Lindley Town Halls

This present building on U.S. Rt.15 opened following 1972  Flood
(1970 Newspaper Clipping )
Building was on present Lindley Road
(Flooded in 1972)
*Note the old iron bridge
Photo Circa 1900
Following the disasterous flood of 1889,the iron bridge was built in 1898. (replaced in 1989 and again in 2009.)
The first Town Hall/Grange and Post Office building was, also, constructed about 1898. The Post Office was on north end of first floor,Town Hall on south end of 1st floor and Grange upstairs. (There was an indoor/outdoor
bathroom facility on the back of first floor). For a short time, the upstairs was used as a church. There were plays and events like Minstrel shows held there,also. In the late 1940's-early 1950's, some local teenagers were given permission by the Grange to use the upstairs for Square Dances
on Saturday evenings.  They were chaparoned by Mrs. Loughridge, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs.Brant and other mothers. There even was a wedding reception in 1954 because the Lindley Community Church basement had flooded several days before the wedding.    


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