Identifying the girls in photo

Hi Mom:

I tried to do a post, but it asked for a profile.

Anyway, you probably know this, but I believe the girls are:

Kathy Warner, Kim Webster, Melody Wheeler
Bonnie Pierce (Me!) and Tanya Rumsey

Bonnie (Pierce) Kline -Fountain Hills, AZ

Is she right,Tracy??? I knew Kim, Tanya and Bonnie.

Are others having difficulty posting?? If so contact Tracy or I and we will attempt to solve the problem .



  1. We werent sure of all the girls - but those are the names we came up with too. Thanks!

    Concerning the profile - just list your name & skip the url. It should take you to a page with a word (or series of letters & numbers) to type in. Once submitted your posting may take a little while to show up on the blog - but it will.

  2. Sounds right to me too. I was not sure of Melody Wheeler but the freckles looked right, well I remember her freckles.What ever happened to her?
    Donna M


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