1889 Lindley Flood Article


  1. Tracy and I have discussed the 1949 date on this article which she found on a Genealogical Website "Ancestry". I have a feeling that this was the date it was copied for their files.
    The events described actually (as the Grandkids say) occurred in June of 1889 and was called the Great Flood of 1889.
    William Burr wrote about it in his 1951 History of Lindley. A copy of his writing along with a photo of the Lindley bridge (then) is in the Heritage Days "History of Lindley " 1990 under Natural Disasters.
    Both writings mention the Town Hall washing away with other buildings. This would explain why the "Old Lindley Town Hall at the end of Morgan Creek /Lindley Road was built in 1897 and the old iron bridge was built in 1898. (*See plaque mounted by new Lindley Bridge)
    The Hill store mentioned was to become the Manley/Orr/Whitaker store. Burr states this building burned (no date); so apparently it was rebuilt on same location. In 1972,the Whitaker store was damaged to the extent that it was removed. Today-the west end approach of our new 2 lane bridge crosses this site.
    This area must have been quite a business center about this time. The 1873 maps show blacksmith and wagon shops,a sawmill,and a R.R.depot. There are traces of the mill race of the old sawmill behind the Old Town Hall. Bill Canfield found an article describing the fire which destroyed a sash business in this area. Fireman from Lawrenceville came to help fight the fire!!!!
    It is articles like this that gives us a glimpse of what Lindley was like in the early days.
    I appreciate Tracy sharing her find and encourage anyone else who has stories or articles like this to share them. For too many years,there has been little documentation of the history of Lindley. This kind of information is added to the Town's Historian's files and can seen by contacting me or by attending the Open Houses that I have several times a year.
    Kitty Pierce -Lindley Historian


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