Can you Help ??

Building the Lindley Firehall in 1963 was a huge community effort.

In the attached photo are some of the "Junior Firemen" who were busy entertaining themselves while their fathers worked on the new Firehall .

I know several were Bathrick children and one is one our daughters. Would like to have names of all -( Dunning,Eddy, Davis ,etc ???). Can anyone help identify them ?

Keep up-to-date with happenings in the Lindley Town Hall by reading Megan Thistle's,(Town Clerk) posting on the Lindleytown blog. You can access it by clicking on the Town of Lindley link listed under" Favorite Links" below Sheldon Ward's photo.

Thanks -Kitty


  1. I think that I am sitting on back of car,(striped shirt), and I am guessing that is Cliff Davis with his hands on hips. Laurie Piece might be the little girl with dark hair with face turned in front(that was probably her dresses only stage). I am not sure of others. did Bonnie take this one? She has other photos from the same day.
    Donna M.

  2. Yes-Donna - you are the one in striped shirt.
    Doubt if it was Laurie front as she wasn't a year old when this picture was taken. Back of picture has Cliff Davis(?) written on it. I have copies of the other photos of Firehall construction,but think this is only one of the children.


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