This was found on the Fulton web site (a collection of old newspaper copies )  by Larry Gorges a couple years ago.  From The Corning Journal - April 26,1888.
     Because it is quite long ,I will be posting it in 3-4 segments. The last posting will have a surprise for some.
    The editor of the Journal is indebted to H.M. McCullough, of the Town of Lindley who resides a mile south of the Presho Post Office for several ancient records of local interest and value.
     Mr. McCullough is the son of Rev. Mr. McCullough, deceased of Tioga, Pa. and great, great grandson of Col. Eleazer Lindsley, the pioneer purchaser and settler in what is now the Town of Lindley. Col. L. was an officer in the Revolutionary War from New Jersey. In 1790, he came with a colony of about 40 persons to settle in the wilderness which he had previously purchased. The New York Civil List states that he was a member of the Assembly in 1792 being the sole representative of the County of Ontario ,from which Steuben was subsequently set off. Col. Lindsley died in 1794.  He had a son of the same name who secured the establishment of a Post Office named " Lindsleytown " in 1804. We have before us an official letter from Abraham Bradley, Jun. Assistant Postmaster General dated "Washington City"   Jan. 17,1805 acknowledging receipt of one dollar and twenty-five cents ,being the amount due the Department for the last quarter of the year- 1804.,  as shown by statement accompanying the remittance. Thus  the new Post Office was not doing much business as postage rates were high, ranging on letters from six and a quarter cents to twenty-five cents according to the distance.  There is, also, an Account Current from Jan. 1,1806 to April 1,1806 which gives the amount of postage as $3.95 on letters and 88 cents on newspapers and pamphlets.  The commission of the Postmaster on letters was thirty percent. (The Government thus gave an inducement to Postmasters to urge the circulation of newspapers) Postage was not required in advance,  and probably much loss resulted thereby. We, also, have a copy of a statement of the "Lindsleytown " Post Office accounts with the General Post Office at Washington, the record beginning Oct.1,1804 and ending July 1, 1824 giving the details by quarters of each year.
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        Old Lindley Town Hall- Post Office and Grange   Built Circa 1899

Muriel Cobb Postmistress.


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