Local Records- #3 Explanations

I have added more explanations in red for those unfamiliar with early local history-Kitty

The old town of Painted Post, then included what is now the territory of six towns,viz.  Lindley, Caton , Corning, Hornby, Erwin and Campbell. The above document evidently originated in Lindley where most of the signatures were procured, but to give it force and ensure compliance , the names of prominent farmers or business men residing in the vicinity of the "Painted post"  were obtained. John Knox was the founder of Knoxville (now called Corning Northside), Capt. Samuel Erwin was the grandfather of Samuel S. Erwin of Corning and was the son of Col. Arthur Erwin who purchased the wilderness (in 1789 )-- which is now the township of Erwin. Frank Erwin was the brother of Capt. Erwin . Rufus Gorton was for the series of years the owner of Mill property below where the village (Corning )now stands. (Gorton Cemetery is on Park Ave-Corning ). Henry Mc Cormick resided east where Gibson now lies. Robert T. Bonham was a farmer in vicinity of Painted Post. These signers were not especially interested as the improved road was to the south (of Corning). It says -it was to run to the "Cansateer" which doubtless meant the junction of the Canisteo River with the Tioga six miles south of the "Painted post. " Of the other signers James Ford was Judge Ford of Lawrenceville,Pa, Eleazer Lindsley was the Judge and Postmaster mentioned. Dr. Ezekiel Mulford was the son-in -law of  Col.Lindsley, the pioneer, and he was the grandfather of William  O. Campbell of Corning, John P.Ryerrs was the owner of the four thousand acre tract east of the Tioga River (-from Erwin town line to Tannery Creek Rd --Tioga  River to Caton town line ----purchased from Col.Lindsley in 1792 --- when Col. Lindsey sold the south end of the 6 square mile tract of land that he  purchased in 1789 ).
Benjamin Patterson was the famous hunter and guide.

 It is noticeable that the petitioners are somewhat peremptory  in their language, as they  not only request but 'enjoin' the Road Commissioners to grant the specified appropriation

. Such a petition now would be regarded as a command, and be for that reason rejected.

Next   Part 4  More explanation for  the readers.

I-99/U.S 15   2016      West side of Tioga River
Can you image what these men would say
 if they saw the road 208 years after their 1809 petition  ????


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