Gardiner Island Home of Dr.Mulford's Ancestors

Plaque for Dr.Ezekiel Mulford
Lindsley Burying Ground

New York Times  1973

Mulford Family Tid-Bits

The Mulford/Lindsley family was in the first group of settlers in Lindley in June 1790.
Dr.Ezekiel Mulford who served in the American Revolutionary War as a surgeon had married the daughter of Col. Eleazer  and  Mrs.Lindsley .

The Mulford Genealogy by Uri Mulford  in 1920 includes the story of the Mulford ancestor Lion Gardiner  purchasing the island off the Long Island Coast from Youawan-a native American Sachem in 1639. The island had  remained in the family until recent years when a member of the family died. (At this time, I have not kept up with the ownership of the island or its future.)  There is ,also, a Mulford Museum on Long Island where some of the family were early settlers .

The advertisement states that the tour would detail the history of the island, describe how the family had preserved its beauty and heritage as well as its historical significance during wars and activities on the  island such as visits from pirate Captain Kidd.
Dr. and Mrs. Mulford are buried in the same grave--dying a day apart during an epidemic that occurred in Lindley in 1813.

Descendants of the Mulford /Lindsley family still reside in the area but those names are no longer found in directories or phone books.


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