Who was Dr. Ezekiel Mulford

Excerpt from Town of Lindley--Roberts Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County -1891  ( There is more information about dates of birth,etc in the history-   I believe a copy of the history is available on the Internet.    Kitty
        (*  My additions--Kitty)

     " Dr. Ezekiel Mulford , the physician of the colony (*Lindsley Colony ), was the direct descendant of John Mulford, of Maidstone, Sussex, England who was one of the first thirty-five settlers in the state of New York, he settling on Long Island in 1639.  Dr. Mulford married Anna, daughter of Colonel Eleazer Lindsley.( *Founder of Lindley ,NY) Their children were Lindsley; Jeremiah;  Eleazer; Nancy-married first Cornelius Williams, and second John Gray; Eliza-the first white child born in Steuben County-married Delusena Bachus; Savalon and Mahlon(twins); Castilla; Almira married David Halsey Meriel; James-killed by a horse; Phoebe married Joshua Russell; Minerva H. married Orlando Gregory of Caton.

         Dr. Mulford died January 12,1813,and his wife the previous day .
(* They succumbed to an epidemic (*pneumonia typhus--per Uri Mulford) that caused many of the colony to die.) They are buried in the same grave in the Lindsley Burying Ground.-Kitty )

  E. Lindsley Mulford ,became known throughout the country as a woodsman and hunter-living the life of adventure with a young Indian for some years.
           Jeremiah and Eleazer were intimately connected with the early development of the village of Lindley which was built upon their farms.
           Eleazer, the last survivor of the Lindsley colony who came in 1790 ,died in 1871.  He married  Betsy Lillibridge who came to the colony to teach school.
          Castilla was the father of General John E. Mulford who acquired a national reputation by his connection with the exchange of prisoners during the war of the rebellion.
          Eliza was the mother of Rodney Bachus, the inventor."

From Colonial Ancestors and Descendants  Uri Mulford-Corning, NY  1920

        "Dr. Mulford studied medicine and surgery first as an apprentice and doctor's assistant-as was then the practice at Sag Harbor and later served in a military hospital in Morristown, New Jersey.(*during the Revolutionary War)   In June 1790, he brought surgical instruments and medical supplies (*to the Lindsley colony.) Much of this was lost in a house fire on
Christmas Day- 1793.  Dr. Mulford was the first member of his profession to locate in the Painted Post section of the Genesee Country)."

*Three Revolutionary War Veterans are buried in the Lindsley Burying Ground on the new County  Rt. 115 . Colonel Eleazer Lindsley, Dr. Ezekiel Mulford and Captain John Seelye.

  * (Uri and Ami Mulford were two of the sons of Eleazer Perry and  Sarah Jane Davis Mulford  and the  grandsons of Eleazer and Elizabeth (*Betsy) Lillibridge Mulford. Since they are interesting descendants of the Lindsley / Mulford family, I plan to write about them later.  Kitty)


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