1857 Map of Lindley,N.Y.

                       Courtesy of Steuben County Historian  -Eleanor Silliman
                                         67 years after 1st settlement.
  •     The number of  Sawmills        
  •     The  number of Harrower, Mersereau, Mulford Families
  •                ( Harrowers married into Mersereau Family)
  •                 (Mulfords descended from Lindsley Family)  
  •  Where most of the population  resided..
  •   Erwin Centre  became Presho
  •   The  1839  RR -still in existence -but transporting a different product.
  •   The Post Office
Where was the Tioga  River  Crossed ? 
 (In old deeds there is mention of a Ford in the River-- about where the Wetlands are now located)

Enjoy and compare to today's maps  


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