Lindley RR Depots from the Historian's files

This is a clearer photo of the Lawrenceville RR Station and information about the depot in back of the River Road (Station School) . This depot was moved by Warren Stuart and serves as the Living Room of the home on the north side of Church Creek Road and River Road.

Recycling is not new !

Did you know trains from Elmira backed into the Lawrenceville.Pa from Tioga Junction
(Williamson School area ) ?

From an old RR Schedule -there was a depot on the East end of the Lindley bridge. However, I do not have a good photo of this. Does anyone have information on that depot?
Wonder who the men were on the platform of the Presho Station ?

PS. Until 1888, Presho was called Erwin Centre. According to the 1990 Lindley History, Thomas J. Presho became the first RR Station agent there. The area became known as Presho to honor it's public spirited citizen for his efforts.


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