Steuben County ,NY Hall of Fame Induction 5/1/2010

- Uri Mulford- a descendant of our earliest settlers(see February posting) was inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame at a ceremony on May 1st, 2010 in Bath. It is an honor to have a member who has connections to the Town of Lindley inducted into the Hall of Fame which is sponsored by the Steuben County Legislature to honor individuals who have earned distinction for their achievements or service to Steuben County or the world- at- large.
Some of Uri's Gt. and Gt.Gt. Grandchildren were able to attend the ceremony -coming from as far away as Michigan and Buffalo,N.Y. Other Mulford family members as well as a group of Lindley residents were ,also, in attendance. The attached photos were taken by Lindley's own-Dennis Abbey.Thanks ,Dennis.
The award was given to Bob Deneen-(pictured ) -Uri's Gt.Grandson from Buffalo. Bob has donated many Mulford family papers to the Town of Lindley Historian's files. This is a wonderful gift and greatly appreciated.
Thank you ,Bob . We are pleased that we finally met and that you were able to attend the ceremony with your family.
Uri is just one of the Lindsley/Mulford family who have distinguished themselves with their contributions to Society during their lifetimes. The descendants should be proud of the legacy left by their ancestors .


  1. Mindy Adamson-WahlMay 5, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    Oh Kitty that is absolutely wonderful. Thank You for sharing with us. I will tell my family to take a look and be proud of Uri and all he did. Thank You for seeing this happen.

  2. Thank you for posting and sharing! I am another distant relative (mindy is my distant cousin).


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