I 99 and Lindley,NY Scenery

Hope everyone one enjoyed a safe and memorable Memorial Holiday.
Dennis Abbey has been out recording the Rt.15/I 99 construction.
Enjoy his great photos of Lindley's beautiful hills and fields. Some of the best scenery in the USA. !!!!
The photos were taken across from the "landmark "" The Green Shingles Inn" looking north from Watson Creek Road across the former fields of Brant and Toby to the hamlet of Lindley. The former State Line Camping Building is the red building in # 3 photo.
I hold my breath everytime that I see on of the construction vehicles manuvering down that hillside. One day, I assume as an extra precaution, a bull dozer(?)or some other large piece of equipment was backing down in front of a truck. Not exactly a job for the squeamish!!

Thank you ,Dennis for sharing.
Try enlarging the photos for the "big" picture.


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