Rutty Passmore Newspaper

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In 1939-40 ,a young Lindley man produced a newspaper. I found a few copies while doing an inventory of items donated by Wilma Welty's daughter, Suzanne. According to one of last one's, he published at least 60 issues. Many of these contained items on Lindley history. Unfortunately, there is not a complete set. If anyone knows where there are copies, I would appreciate being able to read them.
This is a deed dated 1832 and describes a transaction of 600 Acres for $400 between some Heckart family members. I will let you figure the price per acre!!!

As a descendant remarked-"No one today is going to find a bargain like that"

Some Thurber family researchers have questioned the presence of Abner Thurber in Lindley. I would say that unless he went by another name- this is the man in question.

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