I-99 construction March 6 2010

These photos were taken this morning with a touch of spring in the air!!!!

To Joyce S. The 2 girls are Ann Kirk and Joanne Warner-verified by e-mail from Ann .
And today's photos are to show changes of area around Town Hall/Post Office ,former Austin Store, State Line Camping and Fairview Cemetery -your old neighborhood .
Expect the construction crew will be back on the job on Monday- as the Post Office used to say- something to the effect of "neither rain nor sleet or heat or gloom of night will " impede their work ..


  1. The picture below is a photo of my Great Grandfather, on the left, Bert Randall Sr.....although I am not sure which one of his brothers this would be on his right. Could you please e-mail me at debbie2113@yahoo.com and let me know where this picture came fromm, please. My mother's father was the son of Bert Randall Sr., his name was also Bert Randal. He died in January of 1980. Our family shares pictures and stories of all the Randall generations and would love to see any other pictures that would include any of the Randall family. Thank you, Debra L. Randall

  2. Kitty. Thanks for setting me straight. I knew that I recognized them. Thanks also for the pictures of the roadwork as it progresses. The landscape sure is changing. As they say, you can't really go home once you leave especially when other forces are changing things.


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