Identification of photo

The picture shown below stood at the north corner of Morgan Creek and old Rt.15 where the Whitaker store stood until the 1972 flood damaged it to the extent that it had to be destroyed .Burr's Lindley history of 1951 shows this building in a May 1890 photo labeled "after the June-1889 flood" . In his description of the buildings in the photo ,Burr has it labeled as the Hill Store and Post Office. He states that the building was destroyed by fire.
Apparently,another structure was built on the same site. After a series of owners, Merton Manley bought it in 1926 and sold it to Doug Whitaker in 1945. After the Whitaker building was demolished, the site was occupied by 2 mobile homes. During the summer of 2009,this site became the western approach to the first 2 lane bridge to be constructed at this location.
The speaker at the Lindley/Presho Historical Society meeting tonight ,Durland Weale, stated that in the 1920's and 1930's, the area around Morgan Creek Road and old U.S.Rt.15 (present Lindley Road) was a" hub-bub of activity" .
Pictures have a way of keeping history alive and are,also,important to people like archaeologists doing research before a construction project. This and several other old pictures of the area were included in the archaeology report on the new County Rt.73 bridge. As I understand it,an archaeology study was necessitated because the office of New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation was documenting information on old stores. The study provided answers to many questions about the store, the site and the former owners.
Old pictures always seem to be of interest to people. I guess because we are curious to know about --how things used to be .

If you haven't seen the photos of some of Lindley's history on display in the Lindley Town Hall, stop and see them during the Town Clerk's hours which are posted on the Lindley link on this blog.


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