Lindley,NY. Civil War Casualties

                                 Tomb of Unknown Soldier -Washington, DC

During the Civil War -1861-1865, 125 men from Lindley served in the military. Someone asked me  where they found such a large number of men  for a small town like Lindley.

In  answering a recent query about a Civil War Veteran from Lindley who died during that war, I checked  names listed in Clayton's - History of Steuben County -1879.
 In my search, I  realized that many families sent more than one son or relative. Also, it became apparent that over  22 of these young men died in battle or in conditions associated with the war-(ie disease, being in prison or missing in action.)

What a sad time those 4 years must have been for the relatives at home with no e-mails, Skype or Smart phones.  Not even radio or TV to keep them informed.

Below is a list of names of the men from Lindley  listed as died or missing .

 **In italics is information was taken from John Mosher on Steuben Co., NY. Gen Web Site . He apparently has researched  Civil War Archives  2000.

*Allington, Edgar         June 18th ,1864                Killed in Petersburg,Va.

*Booth, Elijah, D.         May 19th ,1864                Killed in Resaca,Ga

*Bradley, Oscar  F.          October 1862                 Dis.  Maryland Heights

Case, Franklin             November 1864 

Clark, Samuel             October 7,1862

*Cook, Jonathon           April 11,1865                    WIA Died in City Point ,Va.

*Elliott, Israel               September 30,1864            Dis.

*Gaze,Franklin            Nov. 26,1864                      Dis. Fort Schuyler

*Kinney, Henry            June 5,1862                        Disease

*Knapp, Justice             March 15 , 1865                Dis.     Nashville,Tn.

*Lyon, Eleazer              Died March, 1865            POW   (Aug-September  1864)

*Marsh, Robert             Jan 1,1863                         Dis. Fredericksburg,Va.

*Merrill, Edward           May 25 ,1864                    KIA Died in Dallas ,Ga.
*Millard, Sylvanus.W.    April 10, 1865 ---               Dis.  Elmira Hospital,

*Miller, Jacob                April 29,1864                    Dis. Foley Island, Sc.

Monroe, Oscar             September 1864                   MIA

Mulford, Charles C.     July 2,1864                   Buried in Virginia (Adjutant Gen.

*Orr, William                 September 23,1864       Dis. Washington, DC

Schuyler, Henry            May 10,1864                   MIA

*Wall, Charles B.                                         Buried in Fairview Cem (Died of
                                                                       Typhoid Fever Camp Good Hope,MD

Watson, William           Aug 14, 1864       ( Died at home ,buried in Fairview Cem
                                                                     Listed as Matson in Clayton)

*Westcott, Delos         September 17,1863   Buried in Lindsley Burying Ground
                                                                      (died in  Stanton Hospital, Washington, DC )

*Col .Samuel Morgan   POW Paroled and James Walker  POW

WIA  Wounded in Action
MIA   Missing in action
POW  Prisoner of War
DIS    Disease

Sadly in WWII  4 young men from Lindley lost their lives, also.

Robert Blackman   Ivan Jones

Robert Smith          Richard Walch


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