Changes in Lindley over the Years

Lindley,N.Y. Add caption
Looking North
Lindley, N.Y. 1900-1909
Looking Southeast

The main road at this time would have been along the Tioga River and was known as  the Susquehanna Trail.
The 1898 bridge would have been at the east end of what is now Morgan Creek Road by the Lindley Community Church (shown in both photos..)
Wikipedia states " The first set of posted routes were assigned in 1924. One route assigned at this time was NY4, a highway extending from the Pennsylvania state line in Lindley to downtown Rochester, N.Y."
       In 1927, U.S.4 was assigned in New York.  NY4 was renumbered to NY2 to eliminate numerical duplication with the new U.S. Highway ." By 1939, a series of road number changes had occurred and  resulted in U.S. 15 extending from Harrisburg ,Penna. to Rochester ,NY. and replaced NY4 or NY2.
           In 1923, the highway had been paved with concrete from Rochester,NY to Lawrenceville, Pa.,( the last 5 miles were from Presho, N.Y. to Lawrenceville, Pa. ) 

100 years later, 2013, Interstate 99 along this same route was completed. The last 5 miles was between Presho, N.Y. to Lawrenceville, Pa.

                                                    HISTORY REPEATS
             The December 16th, 2015 blog has another photo of the area shown in the
1900-1909 picture , but shows more buildings and detail. * Note the tobacco barns and buildings where I 99 is now located.


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