Archie Miller Store -later Sid Morse Store

                                    Archie Miller Store -Presho and Rt.15
                                            Donated by Marion (Adsit ) Brion
The Miller store and barn in the upper photo are no longer there.
These buildings would have been  north of the Methodist Church on the same side of  U.S. 15 before the 4 lane highway opened in 1970.
In the Lindley history  -Looking Back 200 years 1790-1990,  Virginia Kittel and Derma Ward reminisced about the stores that they remembered in Presho. Virginia remembered the Miller store and a blacksmith shop across the road. She, also, mentioned Mrs. Atwell's store that was across from the Methodist Church . Buying candy there for a Penny there was one of her memories. . Across the Tioga River, was the Halleck store -which became the Girdon Allyn home.  Previously, this had been a store owned by Thomas Presho.
Derma remembered Hiram Reynolds owing the Miller store. In a conversation with Loren (Mike ), he stated that his Father, Sid Morse bought the store in 1934. Sid's daughter Pauline and her husband Herb Abbey then bought the store from her parents. Pauline and Herb later relocated their store further south across from the Qlick Road.
 (I am not sure but am guessing this was after the 4 lane opened.)  Does anyone remember when the Abbeys moved the store??? How soon we forget! 


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