When Tobacco was King

 1930-31  Don Gorges in Tobacco field across from Stowell Hill Road
(U.S. 15/I 99 are now on the hillside in the background)

Many thanks to Larry Gorges for sharing this photo of his Father.

From the middle 1800's until about WWII, tobacco was a prime cash crop for the Lindley and other local farmers on their fertile "river flats". Most of the tobacco grown was used locally to manufacture cigars. The only reminder are a few tobacco barns that have been readapted for use.
The 1990 Lindley History has more details about growing this crop and there is an article in the Crooked Lake Review ( articles on local history).(If interested in more detail --google the CLR and  click on tobacco in the index).
 The Big Flats, N.Y. Museum has a wonderful display on this subject.
Like the lumber industry and dairy farming in Lindley, tobacco raising was an important part of Lindley's agricultural history.  


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