Felker Hill School #1 (Gillette)

Listed as Gillett School on 1912 Map
The 1910 Lindley census shows a Gillett family living in the area.
In horse and buggy days,, the present Crane Road and Felker Hill Roads were connected to the Browntown Road. I am not sure when this road was abandoned , According to my maternal family history-this was the road my aunt used to drive her first car over to go from her home to teach at the Felker Hill School in the late 1920's.  There is a photo of her and the students in the Town Hall School photo collection.
*Note the home in background. A guess would be that this was the Felker home.
I don't have the picture on the computer, but we have a photo of the foundation with a White Birch tree growing in the center of it.
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