Pettigrove School Follow -up

It is always rewarding when someone takes the time to fill in blanks in the Town Historian files.
       Following the article on the Pettigrove Grove, Larry Gorges supplied the following information from articles in the "Evening Leader" .
          September 2nd, 1941, the Pettigrove School will close since there are less than five students. The students will be sent to the Spencer Hill School District in Caton.
          February 10,1948, there was an article concerning the fire which destroyed the Schoonover Home. The Schoonover family would re-locate to the closed Pettigrove School -thanks to the efforts of Doris and Mabel.
          From these  articles, it would seem the Pettigrove School remained closed after 1941 and the district was one of the 59 separate school districts consolidated into the Corning/Painted Post School Area District  in 1954.
Thus --  the  consolidation ended the era of one room schools in the many local townships and villages.
          Thanks, Larry for sharing the articles and adding information  to the Lindley  school history.


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