From the Weather Files.

March 15,1993

The Blizzard warnings of yesterday reminded us of the storm of March 13,1993 which was a Grand-daughter's 8th birthday. She and her "big" brother from Arizona had made a plane trip from Arizona to celebrate it with us. She had wished for snow--- so now on her birthdays -- we  remind her not to wish so hard for something.
The headlines on the 15th said "Digging Out- Snow leaves entire area buried ; crews may be plowing all week"  There was 2 1/2 feet of snow, so schools, businesses, etc were closed and probably no Weather Channel to keep us on alert
Just to let you know-Mother Nature is still full of surprises in April.
 On Friday-  April 23rd ,1993 (when the Leader cost 35 cents ) another 7 inches of snow fell and highway budgets were "busted"'


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