Lest We Forget-December 7,1941

Pearl Harbor  December 7th,1941- World War II

 A grim reminder on today's Corning Leader front page " I am the only one left"- the story of  a local WWII veteran who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7,1941.
He states that" there were 22 known survivors in this area following the end of the war." At the age of 90, he shares his thoughts on  the war and why it occurred.
 With the large number of WWII Veterans declining on a daily basis, it is important for us to take time to thank them for their sacrifices to preserve our freedoms and to reflect on the causes of that war.
 Lindley honors veterans of all wars with a monument in front of the Lindley Town Hall  on U.S. Rt.15 and displays photos of local veterans in the Town Hall Meeting Room.
 Thank you everyone  - military or civilian who work to preserve our freedoms.


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