Dick Riffle Part VIII

More from Dick Riffle's People of Lindley as I knew Them (1922-1940)
Across the field from our house was the Harry and June Toby farm. Harry was noted for his registered Ayshire cattle. He would enter some of his prize bulls in the New York State Fair competition. He was, also, the other Rural Mail Carrier who worked out of the Post Office. He loved baseball and his sons were good players. Lawrence ,the oldest, and I were both pitchers on the Lindley team. He also played shortstop and I played outfield when not pitching. The "Toby Twins" ,Evelyn and Eleanor were great softball players. They played on the Corning "Athen's Maids "softball team and one year played in competition in Madison Square Garden. They both worked for 25 years for the FBI. I remember a picture of them being presented their 25 year plaque award by J.Edgar Hoover-the head of the FBI. Toby's oldest daughter was Margaret,the two younger boys Wilford and Francis. Lawrence married Elaine Kittel, high school classmate of mine.
In the 1920's the Fairbanks family lived in a house across the bridge. They had a cider mill where my Dad used to take a wagon load of apples to be made into cider. Their son, Bernard married Avis Heckart. One night a fire broke out and Avis perished in the fire. In August ,2006, I visited the Lindsley/Mulford cemetery and noticed a grave marker that had Avis's name on it.


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