Dick Riffle -# IX

Just across the railroad on the left was the house of Doc'Mac ,a veterinarian. He also pulled teeth when needed. My Dad had two teeth extracted by Doc'. No novacaine!! Turning South on River Road,the first home belonged to Amos Orr.In the next house lived a widow, Maude Soule and her four sons,Homer, Ken ,Basil and Giles and a daughter Marlene. She had another son, Clifford who was in the Navy. Basil and Giles were my age. we formed a quartet of stringed instruments. Basil played the Mandolin,Giles the Guitar, I the Banjo and their Uncle Charlie the Fiddle. we were not very good, but we had hours of funsummer evenings giving the valley a concert. Mrs. Soules brother,Claude Baker was an expert Banjo player and in much demand to play at Square Dances.

* Editor Note-- The attached photo is from an old album - Note the old bridge on the right


  1. The first picture in today's postis the Orr/Manley home (Taken in 2006)


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