2009 Lundgren Reunion

Members of the Lindley Lundgren family hosted the Lundgren/Johnson Reunion this past weekend 7/30/2009 to 8/2/2009. Although many members of the family were involved in planning and implementing the various activities scheduled for the weekend,Karen(Lundgren)and her husband David Ballard were the ones who spent long hours researching the location of former residences of the Lundgren ancestors. These places included Morris Run,Arnot,and Park Hill,Tioga,Lawrenceville,Pennsylvania as well as several places in the Lindley. Motorcades took them to each of these places.
Karen had discovered information indicating that Andrew and Betty Lundgren had lived in the house later owned by Art and Mary Kuhl and now owned by Sally(Larrison) and Larry Orr. A photo of members of the Andrew Lundgren family had been taken on the front lawn of the house. To document the descendant's visit in 2009,the attached photo was taken.
Thanks to Karen's research,those who attended the 2009 reunion now have a greater understanding of their family's history and heritage.
Congratulations, Karen on a successful family reunion.


  1. My name is Brandon Lundgren, I've lived in Lindley, Ny all of my life and was wondering if I am related to your Lundgren family, as we are from the same area.

  2. Brandon- If you would like to send information about how to contact you and some background information on your family -click on "Kitty Pierce " ;then click on e-mail.



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