Town of Llndley Historian's List of Korean Veterans

I know this  is not a complete list but it is what was in the  Lindley Historian's files.   October 2007  when the  Lindley Veteran's monument was dedicated.            Kitty

Korean Veterans June 25th, 1950 ,–Jan 31,1955

Y indicates deceased in 2007       
 Some of those listed are no longer with us.


Last            First  M.I.            Rank          Service                 Dec.


Aldrich                  Earl       R.                            Sgt.                         Army     11/7/193 -        10/25/1996 


Allen                      Glenn  “Popeye”            Chief Petty Officer  Navy


Ayres                     Raymond   (Bub)


Ball                        Frank


Brant                     Merlyn  L. (drafted 3/30/1951)    2nd.Div.38thInf. Regt Army  P.H           11/17/1985      


Brietwise              Stewart                                                                  Army     7/4/1929-                      9/29/2001    


Brown                   Stanley                  (Entered1953)                    Marines


Carlton                 Robert  R.                                             A3C  Air Force    12/10/1938-               1/16/1996        


Clark                     Eugene                                                                               5/8/1936-                 1/27/1986                            


Connelly               Joe                         1951-1955   Boilerman    Navy




Davis                     Clifford                                     Fireman 1st                    Navy


Drake                    Dale                       B29 Mechanic     AFC     Air Force


Dunning                Lawrence                                                             Army


Fisk                     Gary  A.               SP3 U.S.                           Army       6/201934-                       4/1/2000            


Galligan               Charles                 J


Hakes                    James                                                                                    8/12/1926-                       4/15/2000 


Heffner                 Edward


Herrick                     Alton                                                                  Army


Hill                         Guy                                                                        Army


Huels                     Elmer


Humphrey            Richard  A.                                                           Air Force.


Landis                   Charles


Lawrence             Lewis                                                                     Army  Eng.


Loughridge          Thomas                 (entered June 12,1952)     Cpl.  Army  ( Wounded)


Larrison               Robert                   (entered Aug 1953)            Army 9th Inf   Ft. Dix


Lundgren             Ralph                                                                     Army


Mc Donald           Matthew                                                                A2nd  Air Force 1922-              1995


Munn                     Charles  N.


Murphy                 Michael L                                   1955-57           Navy


Peaslee                  Gerald                                           10/1955  2yr. Active &  Reserves


Pierce                    Richard E.   (entered   1951-1955)   AM 1st   Air Force


Richardson          George                                                                  Navy (Retired)


Riffle                     Robert                                                                   Air Force


Rumsey                 Tracy


Rose                       Laverne,D. Jr.                                                     Navy


Russell                   Gilbert                                                                  Air Force


Smith                     Jack                                    1950-1954               Seabees


Smith                     John C. Jr.                                                                           1/26/1930-                       3/12/1995 


Starr                      Frederick                             (Sampson)            Air Force


Strimple                Blaine                                        1953                          Air Force


Terwilliger          Donald                                  1957-1961            Air Force                                              1991      


Totten                    Lionel  E.


Towner                 Gerald                                                                   Army  P.H                                            Y


Walch                    Richard C.                                                            Navy                                                  Y


Wilson                   Claude                   (entered Nov. 1950)                                                                           Y












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