A response to the hearing notice June 22, 2016

I have attempted  to not get involved in local politics on this blog .

I  posted the notice of  Monday night's hearing on the proposed changes in Lindley's Comprehensive Plan.so Lindley residents would know about the Hearing . The Planning Board and Town Board members have been working for a long time to up date the present Comprehensive Plan that affects all Lindley residents. I know many people no longer read the newspapers -much less the Legals, but I know many folks do follow this  blog. So my intent was just to inform those who might not otherwise be aware of the hearing.

 Apparently -the notice below (sent to me by e-mail ) is a response to the public hearing notice that I posted on 6/22/2016. This notice  is being circulated in an area of town where there are concerns about some of the proposed changes. 

 I will post this response to inform  blog readers, but no further comments.  Any other comments can be presented at Monday night's hearing .
 Kitty Pierce


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