Local Blacksmiths

                            Guest Blacksmith at 225th Lindley Birthday Celebration
                              Leon Golder -Painted Post Historical Society
 John Fee and Harry Offerman  at Lindley Old Home Day September 2010

All three of these men demonstrate  their  Blacksmith skills at the Blacksmith Shop at  Heritage Village (former Patterson Inn -Corning N.Y.)

In days gone by- Blacksmiths were an important part of a community but with modern technology ,their occupation has all but become obsolete .
Fortunately, these three men share their interest and love of this occupation  at local community celebrations.

Below is the list that I compiled a few years ago of former blacksmiths in Lindley with notes of sources.   Are there others that I may have missed  ?                  

  Lindley Blacksmiths  1790- 2011 
  Sources                              Blacksmith              Location            
1860 Census                              Elam Watson                      Lindley
                                                        Moses Smith                             Presho            
1868  Directory                             George Lovell                            Presho
1870 Census                                    Samuel Colegrove                    Lindley
1891 Directory                        William Hutchinson                        No location
1920’s-30’s ( Durland Weale/Dick Riffle )       Mose Wood        Morgan Creek Road 
                                                                                                        Oscar Dolley Farm
(Riffle/Weale)                           George Morris                                    Lindley
1940’s    ( Ellis Grist)                George Morris                                     Lindley
Present                                           John Fee                                             Presho
Retired  ( Stocum /Overdurf)          William Trufferelli               Ryers Creek Rd 
1880 census
425c   Dennis Gilbert      39   Blacksmith    Tannery / Church Creek area
427D  George Lovel       36   Blacksmith     Presho
425D   J. K. McIntye     34  Blacksmith     Lindley hamlet
425D  George Mc Intye 14  Blacksmith (apprentice )   Lindley
429D  M.N. Smith           50  Blacksmith     Clendenning Road ?

 431    Walter  Gernell      47  Blacksmith      Stowell Hill/Ryers Creek  
 Catherine M.  Pierce  Lindley Historian



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