Lindley Historical Society - Meeting July 23rd

July 4th 2015
Lindley, N.Y. from Sawyer Road
Looking at this picture , one wonders what Colonel Lindsley and his 40 plus or minus group of settlers would think of the community that  they started back in  June, 1790  !!!!!

Ordinarily the Lindley-Presho Historical Society does not meet in the summer months, but with Lindleytown Days being held on September 19th, 2015 to celebrate the town's existence for 225 years, it is necessary to hold meetings to plan the event.

Therefore, Brenda Criss ,Chairperson of the Day's events has called a meeting to work on the details
7 p.m. July 23rd,2015
Lindley Town Hall

This is a volunteer effort of Lindley residents with assistance from the Town Board.  Past meetings have resulted in basic plans for the afternoon. Brenda has prepared a budget and has been busy recruiting participants.  We hope to make this an interesting afternoon that will relate to Lindley's 225 years of history .   So anyone interested in Lindley's history and who would like to participate is invited to attend the meetings and help plan the day. See you there.. 
Did you realize Lindley was started just  14 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed back on July 4th ,1776.  239 years ago. Time does march on


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