Dann's Dairy Photo

This should bring back memories to many of us "Old Timers".
              In later years, a Milking Parlor with windows was added .                            
 From the parking lot or the lawn, there was a place to watch as the cows were being milked.                                                                                                                        
           There, also, was an Ice Cream Bar next door.                                              .
Needless to say, this became a favorite place to visit on a summer evening or on a Sunday drive especially--- if you had children or out of town visitors.              
 Those who rode the Harris School bus have fond memories of Harlow or Leland Harris stopping the school bus after school on a warm spring day so we could buy a double dip ice cream cone.  
 I seem to remember the price was 15 cents. 
                            ( " If we were good!!!!! "  )                        
Memories-  That's why they are called " The Good Old Days!"
Someday -when you stop at Arby's in Gang Mills - look left from the parking lot and you will see some of the trees in this picture and this section of old Rt.15 .


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