Who was Thomas J. Presho?

Presho Monument
Presho Cemetery
From Robert's Historical  Gazetteer of Steuben County Part I  1891
         "Thomas J., son of Josiah N.  and Betsy (Curtis) Presho, was born in Broome County, N.Y., August 21,1828.The family lived at Dalton, near Pittsfield, Mass., prior to their settlement in Broome County. The subject of this notice, after a residence of some years in Bradford County, Pa. came to Erwin Centre (now Presho) in 1855, where he engaged in the grocery business, and , also,  dealt extensively in lumber. Through his influence, a switch was put in at that point, from which time to time was lengthened as business required until it is now nearly a mile in length. On the establishment of a station there, he was appointed station agent, was the first telegraph operator, and has been postmaster for eight years regardless of changes in administration.(*At that time, the Town of Lindley had two Post Offices) For two terms, he has represented his town on the Board of Supervisors, and has been twice elected town clerk. His wife is Emeline Watkins of Bradford County,Pa."

          From Lindley History -Looking Back 200 years 1790-1990  -Lindley Heritage Days Committee

                        History of the Mersereau/Presho Home

      Thomas Presho purchased the Mersereau home in 1864 and the home remained in that family until Thomas's daughter- Emma Bennett died in 1927. According to this history, Emma ran a boarding house for Railroad workers.
 The home still exists and is now owned by the Mortzheim family.

       The original name for that part of the Town of Lindley was called Erwin Centre. In January- 1888, the name was changed to Presho to honor its influential citizen.
        The Presho store, also, is still present and is owned by a member of the Allyn family. 
          When the 1946 flood washed the old Presho bridge away, the new bridge was re-located a short distance to the south. But the old bridge  abutment is still there and that area is a favorite place for young folks to cool off in the summer.
          The RR Depot no longer exists.

                                                  T.J. Presho Store

Presho RR Depot


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