The Changing River Bed

Tioga River @ Wetlands Feb.20,2008
Near the  location where Morgan Creek joined the Tioga River before U.S. Rt. 15 and Morgan Creek (Phoebe's Eddy) were relocated away from the river in 1953.  ( U.S. Rt. 15 is now labeled as County Rt..115 since the construction of the new 4 lane highway ).

The original U.S. Rt.15 followed along the river from the Narrows ( The Rocks)  south to what is now known as the  Lindley Road.
 (Rt.15 has ,also, been  called  the Susquehanna Trail).

From Burrs' 1951 Lindley History
(Burr lived near the present Caroline Drive  as a youth)

At the place where the Susquehanna Trail crosses the outlet of Morgan Creek at the south end of the narrows, the place used to be known as Phoebe's Eddy. It was so named because a young girl was drowned there by the name of Phoebe while crossing the creek-more than 125 years ago. The interesting thing is the changing course of the river.
It was family tradition that my grandfather and his family crossed the creek on his way from Massachusetts to Covington ,Pennsylvania , the day that Phoebe was drowned. I remember that when I was a young lad, I sat under a large Maple tree that stood rooted on the bank of the river and caught sunfish in the deep water in the river.  That tree then stood less than thirty feet from the now eastside of the Susquehanna Trail. The tree long since disappeared and the river course has shifted perhaps ten rods to the eastward from where I used to know it as a boy. How far this eastern bank maybe cutaway in the next century no one can foresee. The place where I used to fish is now ten rods from the water.
The last time I passed southward along the Susquehanna Trail past Phoebe's Eddy, looking southward , I saw five different places where families I had known have now gone and their homes have disappeared . I remember that one of them we used to call "The one story man ".  It was a question whether he has a cause of action against the town for building the road too close to his coat tail.

(At the time Burr wrote his history in 1951,  School #3 or Lindley School was still in use. It closed when Lindley-Presho School opened in 1957.  School #3 was destroyed in the  1972 flood after surviving numerous earlier floods.  The  homes of early settlers Colonel S.M Morgan and Col. Wm. Moore are still in existence.  ( Kitty)


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