Wellsboro Gazette July 26,1906

Reading old newspapers on line reveals  many interesting stories

"Oil Well down 4,600 Feet
Drillers ordered to keep on, Spiritualist Feeling confident in Manifestations.

     The oil well which is being drilled at the Watrous under the direction of Mrs. Edith Day, an Elmira Spiritualist ,who dreamed that oil would be found where the well is located, has reached a depth of 4,600 feet.  At this depth, soft rock was encountered. While the baler was in the hole, the earth caved in ,covering up the baler. It is the intention to resume drilling the well just as soon as the baler is recovered. Thus far,no oil has been struck.
   While disclaiming that she is a Spiritualist or that she makes a practice of mediumship, Mrs. Day said one day last week that the well is being drilled upon her responsibilities and at a place where she dreamed oil would be found.
  The fact that well has been drilled to an unusual depth does not discourage her,and knowing that it in isolated cases,oil has been found at a greater depth she is ordering continuance of  the work. She is confident that oil or gas will be found .
   Mrs. Day said that she had had other proofs of the genuineness of the manifestations she has at times received ,and she is willing to back the ultimate success in the venture with her own money.
 An experienced oil operator said that four times as much oil has already been pumped from the sand of the Gaines oil field defined by the producing wells, as the sand could hold at any one time ,and that in his opinion there must be a feeder. "
     I didn't locate any stories about the end result of the drilling ,but I am guessing Mrs.Day never heard of Marcellus Shale -Makes one wonder if  her predictions would have been correct....


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