School Buses & Early Transportation of Students

 Central School @ Lindley- Was Located near Wetlands-Lindley Rd.
(Was Last seen before -1972 Flood ) 
I really appreciate it when someone sends new information about Lindley history.
 I received the following note from Durland Weale with additional information to the Lindley History
"Lindley-  Looking Back -200 years- 1900 " about Lindley school bus transportation .
"First pupil transportation to high school from Lindley was Fall of 1930. Ruth Weale bought a 1930 4 door Sedan to transport Lawrence Toby ,Dexter Eastwood(?), Evelyn, Eleanor,Margaret Toby  and Marion Weale to Northside High School Daily .
Fall of 1931,  William Ayres bought a Chevrolet dual wheel bus with seats arranged lengthwise of the yellow vehicle.
Fall of 1936, William Ayres purchased a Reo larger bus -green and white for daily trips to Painted Post and Northside High School . Mrs. Ayres assisted."
The Lindley history states Harlo Harris started the present Harris School bus business in 1939. Many of us have fond memories of riding with  Harlo on his "Blue" bus to Painted Post and Northside High Schools.  And if we were good -in the summer-- we 'got' to stop at Dann's Dairy for a 15 cent double dip ice cream cone on Wednesdays..  
Those were the Good Old Days
Thanks Durland for sharing the information and bringing back memories of riding Harlo's bus.
In case you haven't discovered them ,there are several photos of the old Lindley Schools and  students on display in the Lindley Town Hall.


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