1896 Lindley History Facts

         It is interesting how a question about local history can become an interesting research project. In response to query about the date that the Harrison Hotel located near the Lawrenceville RR Depot burned, I began checking the Newspaper Archives of the Green Library in Wellsboro, Penna which are on- line. Previously, I have discovered that these old newspapers have a wealth of information about the Lindley,NY/Lawrenceville,PA area.
         Not only am I finding a story about the Cowanesque/Harrison/ Park Hotel, but many other interesting facts and stories. I have chosen this one because it describes how busy the Depot area was on June 24,1896 -- courtesy of the Wellsboro Agitator.
         " Mr. W. E. Brown is doing an extensive business at Lawrenceville in the manufacture of barrel -headings and staves for nail -kegs. His factory is near the Fall Brook railway depot. About thirty workmen are employed,and Mr.Brown finds a ready market in Eastern cities for the whole product of his factory. The timber used, mostly second -growth pine is found in large quantities on the mountains around Lawrenceville. Some basswood is used for the headings put in the sugar barrels. It is an interesting sight to watch the rapidity of sawing out the heading and also the operation of the machinery cutting staves out of pine. Mr. Brown expects to produce a large number of apple barrels this season."

         The Harrison Hotel as it was known in 1929 burned on Nov.5th,1929. ( More about this story as I gather more details- It gets interesting!!!)

            I am wondering if W. E. Brown is an ancestor of the Brown families who lived in Lindley and Lawrenceville.

           Also, are there any photos showing the hotel in more detail ?

 An article in the June 13th 1954- Leader has a copy of an old photo of the depot area.   There are numerous buildings surrounding the depot area, but it is difficult to know which is the old hotel.

Any informaton about the hotel or the Brown industry for the Lindley history files,will be appreciated. You may contact me by clicking on my profile for an e-mail address.

If you like old Lindley history, check out the Green Library Newspaper Archives on line. There are marriages,obituaries, RR accidents and even stories about gas well booms.   Enjoy!!!!



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