Morgan Creek-Watson Creek Road Intersections Lindley,NY

Local residents are aware of the dangerous traffic situation that exists while traveling the 5 miles on U.S Rt.15 from Presho to the Watson Creek (Green Shingle ) section of the highway -But ---------------
A note to those who must travel U.S.Rt.15 through Lindley -please exercise extreme caution at the Intersections of Rt.15 and Morgan Creek Road and the one at Watson Creek . These have always been dangerous intersections but with the increase in the amount of traffic and speeding after the construction of the 4 lanes around Lawrenceville , they are even more dangerous. The entire business area ( Lindley Post Office, Lindley Town Hall,Lindley Community Church, DOT Offices , Lindley Woodworks and Deming's Garage ) are located near the Morgan Creek Intersection .

Many problems exist in these areas.

  • 1.With the increase in traffic and in the SPEEDING --( as we jokingly used to say) -"No traffic light in Lawrenceville to slow traffic down") , it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain access to Rt.15 and to make turns on either Morgan Creek or Watson Creek Roads .

  • 2. Turning lanes are being used to pass on the right-

  • 3. Traffic coming North from the Pennsylvania section of the highway where the speed limit is posted at 65 miles an hour are ignoring the posted 55 miles an hour speed limit in New York State. (Traffic coming from the Penna. section are traveling at high rates of speed making turning or coming onto Watson Creek Road a dangerous situation. They,also, continue to speed on the straight stretch of road to the Morgan Creek Road area.)

  • 4. Blinker lights at both intersections are ignored

  • 5. With the increase Tractor Trailer traffic, (remember this is a major North-South route for the entire area-especially with I 86 now joining in Painted Post. ) and with the many posts and signs at the Morgan Creek intersection, vision can be limited when attempting to turn south onto Rt. 15.

  • 6 Trucks for the new highway construction and the Lindley Wood Works are making turns at the Morgan Creek intersection-causing traffic to back up or those in a hurry to use the turning lanes for passing.

U.S. Rt.15 is notorious as a scene of frequent accidents-even being labeled as "Death Highway" Area residents are requesting the Highway Departments and Public Officials to find ways to avoid more possible deaths on this road .

So please drive defensively over this road- the life you save maybe your own.Due to NYS fisical problems, we are being advised that Interstate I 99 will not be completed until at least 2015

Interestingly enough from a historical point, this same 6 mile section was the last to be completed in 1922/3 -when the road from being paved with concrete from Buffalo,NY to Washington,DC.


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