Some Area Gas Drilling History

I have been organizing some of my newspaper clippings.
For many years, the Leader carried a column written by a local newspaper man- Dick Peer. These columns often pertained to area history. This particular column was in the Leader November 12, 1992 on page 6 c -just in case this clipping doesn't enlarge so that you can read it on the blog.. (The Leader Archives are on microfilm in Corning Library.)
To summarize briefly, the article says 2,ooo workers moved into the area ,about 66 wells were drilled ,2 million acres were leased in Steuben,Schuyler, Chemung ,Yates ,Tioga counties,NY and Bradford ,Tioga and Potter counties of Penna. Three gas lines were laid to carry the gas to other places. The area was booming !!!
But the boom quickly went" bust" By late 1932 , the once productive wells were no longer providing gas in commercial quantities. Using old Yankee ingenuity and resourcefulness, some of the abandoned wells were revived in 1949 and used to store gas.
To quote Mr. Peer -"Each succeeding generation of geologists scans the maps carefully, knowing that this area is on a gas- producing anticline which runs northeast to southwest and that it's a good area for prospecting."
Apparently, there was to be some anticipated drilling at the county landfill near Bath as Mr.Peer wrote the article. He remarked " maybe it could bring in a big one and possibly usher in The Gas Boom of 1992." As to the 1992 Gas Boom, I don't recall hearing about one.
But as the article states, the geologists keep probing and from all indications 80 years later , history has started to repeat with a Gas Boom of 2011 in the area.
Many thanks for Mr.Peer for documenting so many bits and pieces of history for this area.

Hopefully, by clicking on the article, it will enlarge so that you can enjoy all of Mr.Peer's article.


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