Second Iron Bridge,Tannery Creek Lindley,Ny

This old postcard was donated to the Lindley Historian files by Clifford Davis. The postmark on this one is dated Nov.21,???. However,the same postcard in the Harold Pierce postcard collection is dated Jan.17,1916. Was the bridge near the Davis road and how did the road follow the south side of the creek ??? The photo was taken by S.E. Hartman. Does any one have more information?
I recall my Mother saying that there were something like 13/15 bridges on Tannery Creek. ( I should have paid more attention as a child!!!)
I am assuming the first iron bridge was the Lindley hamlet bridge built in 1898. (see older posts )
In the Pierce collection is a photo of the "store and postoffice " (corner of Old Rt.15 and present Morgan Creek Rd.-(see older posts ) postmarked 1910. This was, also, taken by S.E. Hartman .
As usual -I am curious to learn more about the bridge location and S.E.Hartman . Did he have a local photography business ? If so where was it located.
Once again-more questions than answers -but old postcards and photographs can tell us much about the history of the area.
Thank you,Clifford. It is a great addition to the town files.


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