Birthday Celebration 220 years

We lucked out again weatherwise for activites at the Lindley Town Hall .

The severe Thunderstorms passed, the wind died down and the sun came out bringing much appreciated cooler temperatures.

A sizable group gathered there this afternoon (6/6) to wish the town a Happy Birthday and to send it forward into it's it's 221st year. How fast time flies!! Wonder what Colonel Lindsley would think about the changes.. .( enlarge the photo of the antique cars and note the 'earth movers' on the hill in background. ) The interstate is coming -about 2015!!!) Remember the settlers in 1790 had to come by boat or walk along the banks of the Tioga river.... We have come a long way!!!

Several of the cast of characters from the 1991 video of the Re-enactment Lindsley's arrival in the Town Of Lindley on June 7th ,1790 were present to relive the great time that they had making the film.

As usual, members of the audience found the film informative ,interesting and were impressed with the documentary on the history of the town.


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