Glad to be Back

Many thanks to Tracy for her diligence in finding and correcting the problem connected with the difficulty in accessing the site.

Many changes in Lindley since last time. Will start with Rt.73 Lindley bridge and County Rt116 projects; Then will follow with the rest of the Riffle stories .

The old bridge has been removed, west end abutments are in place and the abutment work has moved to the eastside of the river. As a result, starting July 1st, there is a detour for 4 months.

When completed-there will be two lane traffic over the bridge. Hard to imagine after all these years of negotiating the one laner!!

Due to increased traffic over RT116 during the detour, Co. Rt 116 was repaved, and many new guard rails were erected. We have markings for the middle of the road and white lines on the edges. WOW!! It is a very noticable improvement.

The sad part is one of our few tobacco barns (Niles/Snyder) on a curve is being dismantled.

A consultant who specializes in barn architecture was able to collect some documentation and take pictures before it disappears completely.
Will add photos on another posting - Need to figure out how to close my Spam blocker.


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