Dick Riffle Part III

Next to the Methodist Church was the Alex Brown family. When I was about 14, I had gained the title of "checker champion"in the town. Checkers was played in the Lee Buckley store. Alex would sometimes challenge me to a game. He played what is called the "side" game. I had learned the "center"game was the best.I would beat Alex several games and then let him win a game. He would jump up and say loudly, "There!It's the last game that counts!" And he would not play me again for several weeks.If we were both in the store, he would say" He's not so good!I beat him the last game we played."
Bill and Sue Orcott lived next door to us. With their son,Hugh, (nicknamed "Polly")they had a dairy. I worked for them hoeing corn and tobacco,threshing and filling silo. Bill and Sue loved to play uker.They were always partners and jawed at one another if they played the wrong card. Sue made wonderful sugar cookies. Bill always poured his tea from the cup into the saucer and sipped from the saucer.


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