Chimney Rocks

Hi Tracy and Readers -

The Chimney Rocks were(are)west of Gibson on left just before you pass under the Gibson Bridge on Rt.17 going from Corning to the Mall..Remnants of the rocks can still be seen .According to Dimitroff and Jaynes in the History of Corning and PP area-200 Years,1991,the DL&W RR destroyed 8 of the 11 chimneys.The Town of Corning received $7,500 from the RR for destruction of the road,but not for the rocks being destroyed. The Foodmart used to have a large photo of the road,the building and the rocks ,etc on the walls in the dining area -before they closed..
Until a few years ago, there was a large junk yard (since removed) that was near where the gates shown in the picture were located. Most of us would recognize the rocks as the area where the orange religious sign now stands.
With a little imagination, you can still visualize some of the rocks standing as chimneys.


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