A Word from the Lindley Historian

Welcome to the Lindley-Presho Historical Society blog. Hopefully, readers will find the contents interesting and in turn this will encourage the sharing of more historical information. While it is unrealistic to collect every tiny bit of Lindley history, the Society and myself (as town historian) hope to document and preserve as much as possible. A considerable amount of documentation was done in 1990 when the Lindley Heritage Committee published the book Lindley Looking Back 200 years to help celebrate Lindley’s 200th anniversary. However, this was “only the tip of the iceberg” as the saying goes.

A little background on our community.

In 2010,Lindley will celebrate 220 years of existence. In 1790, founder Eleazer Lindsley with a group of about 40 friends and members of his family left the security of homes in New Jersey to journey about 250 miles by land and water to start new homes in a wilderness on the Tioga River in New York State near the Pennsylvania State Line. The settlement continued to grow and descendants of these first families still reside in the area.

The Town of Lindley is 6 miles square and is divided by the Tioga River and U.S. Rt. 15. It has two hamlets-Lindley and Presho. Lindley hamlet is in the southern part of the town- two miles north of the Pennsylvania line .The Lindley Post Office, Town Hall, Community Church and several businesses are located here. In the northern part is Presho. Originally called Erwin Center, the name was changed in 1888 to honor a resident, Thomas Presho. The Lindley-Presho Elementary School, the Methodist Church and Little League ball fields are located here. Currently, State Line Camping is in the process of moving from the Lindley location to Presho. This is necessitated by the construction of the new U.S. Rt. 15-(I 99)-highway project. So as in the past, Lindley is experiencing changes which will affect our history.

The copies of the old postcards and 1964 Directory of Town Officials are just a sample of the type of information to be presented. There is a means by which readers may make comments and contributions to the blog. Hopefully, some will send copies of photos, stories, memories, etc they consider of historical interest to be shared with other viewers. Copies of blog pages will be added to the Town of Lindley Historian files for posterity.

As historians are fond of saying-“ We need to know where we have been to know where we are going”- or something to that effect.

Enjoy the blog !!!!
Catherine M. (Kitty) Pierce
Town of Lindley Historian


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